Please see below our frequently asked questions.

1. How much will I get?

A) £2750-£3200.

B) £5450-£5995.

C) £4300-£15,400.

D) £5800-£10,340.

E) £13,200-£24,000.

F) £1620-£3190.

G) £6700-£7370 / £6700-£11,385.


NB. Values based on the JSB Guidelines 12th Edition

2. How Long Will My Case Take?

There are two main factors which determine the life span of any case. The first is simply your injuries and how long they take to recover. We would not particularly wish to settle your case without being certain that you are likely to make a full recovery, or alternatively, being certain of the exact nature and extent of your injury. To that effect it can very often be a matter of waiting for the outcome of your injury before we are in a position to accurately value the case and thereafter settle it for you.

The second factor which determines the life span of the case is simply the attitude of the defendants. For example if they deny liability, this very often increases the life span of the case, or alternatively, if they admit liability but fail to make any sensible offers in respect of your injury, then again this may increase the life span of your case. Rest assured we are as anxious as you are to conclude your claim.

3. How Much Will It Cost?

The vast majority of our client’s claims are run under a ‘no win no fee agreement’. Under the terms of that agreement you are not obliged to pay our fees in the event that your case is unsuccessful. In the event that your case is successful, we will recover some of our legal costs from the defendants in accordance with normal court rules. However, as a result of recent government changes successful claimants are now required to pay a contribution towards their legal costs.  We will explain to you what that contribution is at the outset of your case.

4. Will I Have To Go And See A Doctor?

We will need to amass medical evidence. Without this we are unable to value your claim or prove that the accident caused the injury. It is therefore essential that you are seen by a consultant. The consultant is independent and usually instructed by us. He will need to examine you for the purposes of providing us with a medical report. On the basis of the contents of this medical report we then negotiate an appropriately generous level of compensation for you.

5. What Will I Have To Do?

You will need to provide instructions to us from time to time as to the progress of your injury so that we can monitor the nature and extent of your injury and choose the appropriate consultant for you. You will also need to tell us about your financial losses.

Other than that we will take care of all the paperwork, the details of your claim and gathering all the evidence.

6. Will I Have To Go To Court?

Statistically speaking, you are highly unlikely to ever have to go to court. The vast majority of claims these days settle without the need for a final hearing. If the defendants prove to be un co-operative then we may make what is known as an Application for Disclosure of Documentation. You will not need to attend this hearing. If the claimant is a child or acting under a disability, then it may be necessary to attend what is known as an Approval Hearing. This is a very informal hearing where the Judge simply assesses the paperwork to make sure that the compensation you have been promised is a fair and reasonable amount. We choose the courts very carefully to ensure that the courts are not intimidating and the Judge is friendly and kind. However, statistically, only about 1 in 400 cases goes to trial, so you are very unlikely to have to go.

7. Will I Get Legal Aid?

Following the Access to Justice Act 1999, legal aid for cases involving an allegation of negligence which has led to personal injuries is no longer available. Given that the vast majority of personal injuries result from negligence, this means the vast majority of people will not be entitled to legal aid. If you are, however, pursuing a public body such as the police or Social Services, then you may be entitled to legal aid. You would need to speak to one of our solicitors to obtain full advice on this point, however, it is safe to say legal aid is not available for the vast majority of claims.

10. Will I Have To Sign Lots Of Paperwork Or Fill In Loads Of Forms?

You will need to sign one or two forms, for example forms of authority for us to gain access to your medical records and you will also need to sign a no win no fee agreement. Any forms or paperwork we send you will be filled out by ourselves and you will simply need to sign them and return them. Helpfully, we ensure that all forms which need to be returned to us are on pink paper and therefore you can easily spot the forms which require your immediate attention. We usually also provide a stamped addressed envelope for your convenience.

If you are in any way unsure about the paperwork please do not hesitate to contact your solicitor who will be only too happy to explain the nature of the forms. We certainly wouldn’t ask you to fill out a lengthy claim form however as we will take all that information from you ourselves.

11. What Are My Chances Of Winning?

This very much depends on the circumstances of the case. There is no such thing as a ‘sure fire’ case unfortunately. The nearest you would come to this is when you are involved in a road traffic accident wherein you have been shunted from the rear. In this type of case you are highly likely to succeed. Tripping and slipping cases are notoriously tricky and it is impossible to give any guarantees as to your prospects of success. Any firm of solicitors or claims company who guarantee your success should, in our opinion, be treated highly suspiciously.

Rest assured, when you employ Tranter Cleere Solicitors to pursue your claim for compensation, you have employed experts in the field of personal injury law. You have therefore maximised your prospects of success.

12. Can I Just Have Some No Obligation Advice?

Certainly, simply telephone to speak to one of our solicitors who will be happy to advise you on the telephone free of charge.

13. Is My Claim Worth Bothering With?

Answer – definitely! If you are in doubt as to your likely prospects of success, in doubt as to the amount of compensation you are likely to obtain, simply telephone one of our solicitors who will be happy to explain to you your prospects of success and give you a rough idea of the likely level of compensation that you will receive.

If you are bothered about the hassle then simply telephone and we will sort everything out with you straight away.

14. Can I Speak Direct With The Solicitor?

Certainly, whilst we employ some agents to fill in forms, visit the scene of an accident and do some of the ground work for us, your claim will be handled by a qualified Personal Injury Solicitor. You will be able to speak direct with your solicitor at the very start of your case and your solicitor will handle the case from start to finish. All the solicitors we employ are friendly and approachable and willing to take your call and speak to you in an informal way without the need for excessive legal jargon.