Whiplash Injury Compensation

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a type of neck or upper spine injury, which is most commonly sustained during traffic collisions. It’s caused when your head is violently ‘whipped’ forwards and backwards, and can occur either if you crash into someone or if someone crashes into you. Due to the severe force of the jolt, whiplash can cause injuries of differing levels – it depends largely on the severity of the accident and the speed of the collision.

The severity of whiplash injuries can range from minor injuries lasting a few weeks to a year, right up to long-lasting pains or permanent damage. Understanding the severity is dependent on accurate medical advice from your GP or a specialist, so consultation is essential in determining whether you have whiplash or not.

Typical whiplash injury compensation between £2,000.00 – £3,000.00 [where recovery takes place between 3 months and a year].

What Are The Symptoms of Whiplash?

There are a number of potential symptoms of whiplash injury, and they don’t always occur immediately after the accident – it’s very common for the shock and adrenaline of a car accident to delay the symptoms for a number of days.

These can include neck and shoulder pain (continuous or intermittent), headaches and pins and needles in your arms or hands. It’s important to distinguish whiplash injuries from others, such as potential back injuries, which is why diagnosis and professional assessment is essential.

How To Make A Claim For Whiplash

Here at Tranter Cleere, we can help you make a claim that you deserve if you sustain whiplash injuries in an accident that wasn’t your fault. We can help reach a settlement that’s appropriate to the severity of your injuries, which can help you pay for everything from medical costs to supplementing wages if you’re unable to work. For further details, or to discuss a potential whiplash injury compensation claim, simply call us today on 0800 6 12 11 13 or, alternatively, email us via our website’s online contact form.

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