Hit and Run Compensation

Road accidents can be a very stressful experience for everyone involved, but when you’re involved in a hit and run situation the ordeal can be even more traumatising. A common misconception is that if you’re involved in a hit and run then you cannot make a claim for any injuries you have sustained however, in reality there are several things you can do to get the hit and run compensation that you deserve.

In a hit and run situation, the police should always be involved as it’s their responsibility to trace the driver in question, if they do manage to track the driver down and they do in fact have insurance then your claim can be made against the policy.

If the police are unable to trace the driver or it’s found that they are an uninsured driver then you can make a successful claim through the MIB. The Motor Insurers Bureau is a non-profit organisation specifically set up to protect hit and run accident victims.

Who Can Claim?

There are various situations where you would be eligible for hit and run compensation, including:

  • If you were either the driver or a passenger hit by a driver who left the scene before providing you with their details
  • If you were a cyclist or a motorcyclist involved in a hit and run accident
  • If you were a pedestrian who was injured by a hit and run driver

If you’re thinking of making a claim then make sure you get in touch with the expert solicitors at Tranter Cleere & Co, with a wealth of experience in these types of claims we can help you recover any financial losses that have occurred as a result of the accident as well as a fair compensation settlement.

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