Industrial Deafness Compensation


Industrial Deafness is a condition which develops amongst workers who have suffered with excessively loud working environments over a prolonged period of time. Thousands of people are affected by the condition, and these typically include people having worked in mining, metal manufacturing and industrial environments – and a majority of the time, the condition is due to the use of loud equipment or machinery.

As a result, industrial deafness is now far less common – however, due to the developmental nature of deafness as a condition, you may be suffering from gradually worsening hearing loss from working in a noisy environment many years ago.

To help prevent an increasing number of industrial deafness compensation claims and incidents, the Noise at Work Act 1989 was introduced – laying down a set of health and safety standards, procedures and legal obligations that all employers must now follow.

Industrial Deafness Claims

An Industrial Deafness claim can involve anything from moderate to severe tinnitus and partial hearing loss to total deafness – the extent of the damage to hearing will determine the size of the Industrial Deafness compensation. However, it’s important to note that if you have simply developed tinnitus alone as a result of your working environment, then this doesn’t immediately classify as Industrial Deafness – tinnitus is only considered as part of a wider hearing issue.

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