Motorcycle Accident Compensation

If you’re a motorcyclist or pillion involved in a RTA (road traffic accident) that wasn’t your fault you have every right to claim motorcycle accident compensation. A common misconception is that you can only make a claim against another driver, but in reality you can claim against any party responsible for causing the accident – whether this was a car driver, another motorcyclist, a cyclist or even a pedestrian.

If your accident was caused by the condition of the road such as a dangerous road surface or an oil or diesel spill you can still claim from the body responsible for the upkeep of the road, normally the local council.

Motorcyclists are incredibly vulnerable when out on the roads and when accidents occur, it can result in devastating consequences, often leaving the motorcyclist with life changing injuries. If you or a relative have been involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault which has left them injured, a motorcycle accident compensation claim can be made.

The claim can obtain compensation for a number of things including ongoing medical costs, loss of earnings as well as damage to the motorbike and any protective clothing or equipment.

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