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Our team at Tranter Cleere understand that an agricultural accident could have life changing effects; that’s why we take agricultural accident claims seriously, working with you to distinguish if your accident was due to employer negligence, and helping you acquire the compensation that you deserve.

It is your employer’s responsibility to ensure your welfare and safety, so if you don’t believe proper precautions were taken, and your injury was suffered as a direct result, then you could be eligible to agricultural injury compensation.

Agricultural Injury Compensation Specialists

Whether your accident involved machinery, was the result of falling from a height or you were injured by something falling on you; you could be entitled to compensation. Whether you consider your injury to be serious or not, ensuring that your employers negligence does not go on to harm others, and ensuring that you are correctly compensated for their lack of care is our top priority.

Working with you to offer advice and support from specialist injury solicitors, we will be on hand throughout the process to get you the compensation that you deserve.

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