Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

We are prepared to consider an advance on your compensation in the sum of £1000.00 provided the following conditions are met in full:-

  1. You have signed a No Win No Fee Funding Agreement with us.
  2. The other party has admitted liability in full, is insured and accepts complete responsibility for the injuries you have sustained.
  3. You have attended all your medical appointments with our medical specialists and you have agreed all medical reports.
  4. We have valued your case at £3000.00 or more in respect of general damages.
  5. You have signed this Agreement with us which will confirm that you have agreed to us deducting the cash advance from your compensation and should you withdraw instructions from us you will return that £1000.00 cash advance in full within 14 days of our making that request.
  6. You acknowledge that you are entitled to independent legal advice before you have obtained that cash advance and that you can cancel this contract within 7 days of signing the contract.
  7. This offer does not apply to any existing client who comes to us through some other form of advertising.

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