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3 Common Accident Injuries – And How To Treat Them (INFOGRAPHIC)

Knowing what to do following an accident can be difficult, particularly when somebody else is at fault. Whatever the situation, caring for your injuries is absolutely essential to a much quicker recovery – and our latest infographic here at Tranter Cleere runs through some of the most common injuries following accidents and how you can treat them.

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The Personal Injury Glossary – Understanding Your Claim

If you’ve just launched, or are thinking of launching, a personal injury claim then you may have found that there are a wide array of technical legal terms that you don’t understand.

Here at Tranter Cleere we are personal injury solicitors with many years of experience behind us, and as such we understand that what our clients want most from us is reassurance and support, and this means that we endeavour to explain everything in plain English.

With this in mind, we’ve taken the time to compile this glossary of personal injury legal terms to ensure you understand everything about your claim.

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